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Whether your land clearing needs involve expanding a wooded area in your backyard or clearing overgrown land, our team of professionals can assist you. We provide small and large scale land clearing services for residential and commercial properties in Lancaster and the surrounding area.

How much does land clearing cost?

This varies based on the site, the size of material, scope of work, etc. Please call to schedule an assessment.

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Grading is a land clearing method that levels land for a new construction foundation or sets a slope for drainage. If your property has poor drainage, is unstable, or suffers from soil erosion, grading is a great solution to improve your property’s condition. Our professional grading contractors in Lancaster will assess your property and complete a grading job that meets your approval.
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Traditional Land Clearing

Traditional land clearing is a multi-step process that requires excavators, bulldozers, and haul away trucks. This process often involves burning, chipping, and hauling. Traditional land clearing is normal practice for clearing residential property for development. Contact Forestry Grading Co to work with a team of reliable traditional land clearing contractors in Lancaster.
Traditional Land Clearing
Forestry Mulching
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Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching involves using a single machine (forestry mulcher) to clear land. This method of land clearing clears unwanted bushes, shrubs, and invasive undergrowth to promote healthy land. Forestry mulching is a highly preferred land clearing method for residential and commercial property owners due to not leaving any waste behind.
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Dump Truck Service / Material Hauling

If you want to save time on property cleanup, our dump truck service is the perfect solution for you. We haul gravel, rocks, sand, dirt, clay, and more. This land clearing method allows you to get rid of a lot of waste quickly and is cost-effective. The dump truck service professionals at Dixie Forestry and Grading Co are here to assist you with your material hauling needs.
Dump Truck Hauling

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